Electronic Financial Disclosure Management System

Chrome, Edge, or Firefox are the recommended browsers to use in the EFDMS website. If you are not using one of these browsers, you will be able to access the site, but the pages may not display or function as designed.
The use of a mobile device for completing a form in EFDMS is strongly discouraged.


  • WELCOME to the new Electronic Financial Disclosure Management System (EFDMS)!
  • Form 6, Form 6X, and the Form 6F, as well as the Form 1, Form1X, and 2024 Form 1F must be filed via EFDMS. The Form 2, Quarterly Client Disclosure, is also filed via EFDMS.
  • Form 1 filers, state and local, as well as new Form 6 filers will file electronically in 2024 via the Electronic Financial Disclosure Management System (EFDMS). Access for these filers will go live January 1, 2024.
  • On Friday, January 19, 2024, Senator Pizzo and Senator Gruters hosted a live Form 6 tutorial/Q&A session with the Commission's Deputy Executive Director and General Counsel, Steven Zuilkowski. The recording is now available.
  • A Form 6 e-filing training video is available. A sample Form 6 is also available.
  • Instructions, FAQs, and tutorials are available from the dashboard within EFDMS. Additional assistance can be obtained Monday-Friday from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. by contacting the Commission.
  • The recording of the June 7, 2023 webinar overview of EFDMS is now available.
  • The recording of the webinar for Coordinators from January 6, 2023 is now available.
  • If you have an annual filing requirement AND are running for office, you will complete your disclosure in EFDMS and submit your filing electronically to the Commission, then print a verification/receipt of e-filing your form or print a copy of your disclosure to file with your Qualifying Officer
  • If you are a Candidate who does not currently hold an office or other position requiring disclosure, you will complete your disclosure in EFDMS via the “I am a Candidate” link and print it for filing with your Qualifying Officer. You will not submit your disclosure to the Commission electronically.
  • All communication about filing requirements and due dates for filers will be provided via email only. Filers MUST maintain a current email address in EFDMS. By law, failure to maintain a current email address will not qualify as an "unusual circumstance" during an appeal of an automatic fine for failure to timely file a Form 6.